Want to be healthy and have a perfect body? GYM LOUNGE is the right decision for you! It will create your personal training program and balance your diet so you could get theshape of your dream shortly!

We the “ GYM LOUNGE “ has started our journey from 10th Dec.2018 at Motera. Founder of Gym Lounge MR. VIJAY SENGER & MR. MAHESH SHARMA have started this journey with the staff of eight (8) persons. Now we are having branches in Ahmedabad at mentioned area below:

New ranip, South bopal, Gota,  Motera, Isanpur, Vastral, Nikol, We also have a Branch in Surat.

We have future expansion planning pan India.
We have 25+ outlets 300+ employees in house training program and all certified trainers

Why choose us?


Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that focuses on rhythmic and continuous movements to improve cardiovascular fitness and overall physical health.


Bodybuilding is a form of physical fitness and sport that focuses on developing and sculpting one's muscles through targeted strength training exercises, proper nutrition, and often, supplementation. 


It originated in ancient India and has evolved over thousands of years into a system that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Yoga is widely practiced around the world for its various physical, mental, and emotional benefits.


Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercise, refers to physical activities that elevate the heart rate and improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. It is an essential component of a balanced fitness routine and offers numerous health benefits.
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  I am in very much of depression regarding of my weight. I have tried 3-4 gyms but now i am getting my results after joining GymLounge. Highly appreciated 

Avinash Kaun

I have gained my body weight with lean muscle mass. I am thankful to GymLounge for shredded  body and good fitness.

Love Patel

I am the patient of Thyroid. It's very much to neccessaruy to loose weight soon. I have take personal training in GymLounge. I have lost 33kg in just 4 months without any injury. I am fit & fine now.

Manobhai Thakor

I have joined GymLounge by knowing about its records. it's fantastic that they have maintain their services. Too much awesome gym. very happy and satisfied with results.

Pooja Sharma

I am the day one member of GymLounge. I have lost my so much weight in GymLounge with proper guidance and good diet plan. 

Mahesh bhai

I am regular member of GymLounge. It's highly equipped gym with good atmosphere. I have lost my much fat in GymLounge. 

Jitendra patel

OUR Nutrition Partner